Upcoming-- Cymbeline @ New york Classical 


Cara will be serving as the Wardrobe Supervisor for New York Classical Theatre's 2022 summer Free Shakespeare in the Park production of CYMBELINE, to be performed June 6- July 15 in Central Park, Carl Schurz Park, and Brooklyn Commons. 

The Effect - Scene Production

Director: Cara McErlean

Video/ Sound Editor: Cara McErlean

Graphics: Naomi Ruben

Starring: Emma Beach, Mike Wu, Bri Houtman, Cole Harriston 

Connie and Tristan are falling in love—or is it just a side effect of a new antidepressant? In this scene, the two drug trial volunteers’ illicit romance forces the supervising doctors to face off over the ethical consequences of their work. This play raises questions about the reliability of love, medication, and our own brains.

This scene was presented as part of The George Washington University's Department of Theatre and Dance's production, "Intermission: Students on the MainStage."

Intermission: Students on  the Mainstage

intermission 6.jpg

Cara is excited to be a part of George Washington University's production, "Intermission: Students on the Mainstage." Cara is one of several student directors showcased in this production, which presents a selection of scenes in a unique, digital format. 

Waking the oracle

Director: Molly Sturges 

Music Director: Roderick Demmings

Assistant Director: Cara McErlean

Lighting/ Scenic Designer: Carl Gudenius

Costumes: Sigrid Johannesdottir

Waking the Oracle is a multi-arts production that presents an immersive musical meditation, a call for climate justice, and a contemplative community reflection. Directed by Corcoran School of Arts Visiting Professor Molly Jane Udaya Sturges, this production aims to create a collaborative space between artists and the community they serve to foster conversations and mutual understanding.


Comedy of errors

Director: Matt Wilson

Two sets of identical twins separated at birth, suddenly in the same city, create havoc wherever they go. Director Matthew R. Wilson brings Shakespeare’s poetry and slapstick to life in a physical theatre extravaganza: False accusations, theft, madness, demon possession, wrongful beatings, near-seduction and an arrest—all in one day!

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comedy 2.jpg

Mr. Burns: a post electric play

Director: Shirley Serotsky

The world as we know it is over, and as group of survivors pass the time around a campfire, they piece together the plot of “Cape Fear” from “The Simpsons,” entirely from memory.  But as the apocalypse drags on, memory falters and live entertainment based on pop culture becomes mythology, of a sorts.

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Director: Jodi Kanter

Brian Friel’s modern classic is a powerful account of nationhood, which sees the turbulent relationship between England and Ireland play out in one quiet community. 

"As a documentary parable about colonialism, it is, sad to say, timeless—and this ardent student production does justice to the unjust story." - John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Arts. 

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